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2013 Season of Giving feeds over 500 families

by TJ Jorgensen

12/5/2013- For the past eight years, players and friends of the Street Kids Softball organization have placed others ahead of themselves. They spent countless hours serving food at homeless shelters, bowling with children from Memorial Hospital, surprised children with gifts at their homes, walked in the rain for cancer awareness and donated thousands of dollars to several charities and local organizations. It was never about Street Kids Care... it was about inspiring others, and that is exactly what we have been able to do.

On December 21st and 22nd, Street Kids Softball partnered with Epic Church, IRBN Foods, Home Comfort Experts and Grape Road Meijer - along with over 100 volunteers - to help box food and then distribute those boxes of food to over 500 families in the Miami Village area of South Bend. The outreach was benefitting the Miami Village Church and those around the area.

IRBN founders Dane and Jesse Vida were more than excited to support Street Kids Care, and with the support of Epic Church, we were able to provide food for so many in need this holiday season. I am truly touched and amazed at how many came out to help. On Saturday, we had at one time 120 people in the warehouse at IRBN Foods helping to fill the boxes. Then on Sunday, we had tons of people come out to help the Street Kids Softball players hand out the food. It seemed as though just strangers were coming up and offering to help hand out as well! Amazing to see that kind of love in our community.

We may not have changed the world with one box of 19 items, but with the way we all came together and gave what we had to others, I would like to think it helped a little at this time of year.

Thank you so much to everyone who had contacted us with donations and volunteering to help make this holiday season brighter for those less fortunate. It means so much to all of us.

TJ Jorgensen
Founder, Street Kids Care

Corporate Sponsors of 2012 Season of Giving:

We would like to thank the following individuals for their personal donation
in this years Season of Giving:

TJ and Courtney Jorgensen
JR and Laurie Shapiro
Ronnie Simmons
Christine Simper
Keith Singleton
Ted and Ellen Panagakos
David and Michele Hayes
Austin Masonry
Ethan McKinney Family
Jeremy Becraft Family
Tim and Tori Austin
Regulators Softball
Antwon Hilson
Kelly and Laura Waite
Jake Fine
Cory Pyle
Kim Kollar
Tori Hunt
Kent Geise