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Street Kids Softball are proud to support Mike Curry and his efforts to raise toys for children this holiday season in the 2nd annual Toys for Tots tourney in Mishawaka. SKS player Jay Jeffery organized a team that included SK players Scott Martin, Kevin Lewandowski and Mike Bailey. Street Kids Care donated about 40 brand new toys as well. Kudos to Mike Curry for organizing and putting on this event to benefit Toys for Tots. Look for pictures of the event on the Street Kids facebook page. Video was filmed and produced by TJ21 Media Group.

The fifth annual Street Kids Memorial Bowl was held in January of 2013 in Mishawaka. This event has turned into a fun time that is shared between the families of SKS and those from Memorial Hospital's Pediatric Oncology Ward.

Members of Street Kids Care took part in the second annual Season of Giving, where softball players, family and friends helped make the season brighter for two struggling families this holiday season.

Members of Street Kids Care came out early on Thanksgiving morning to volunteer at the 4th annual Turkey Day Stampede, an event put on by the Faith Mission of Elkhart. It was the third year for SKS taking part.

TJ Jorgensen of Street Kids Care accepts the award for the induction of Street Kids Care into the Indiana NSA Hall of Fame on Saturday, November 10, 2012. Former SK player Lanny Fisher, who is still active in SKS and SK Care, introduced Jorgensen.

Daniel Lehman was named the 2012 Shane Varga Mental Attitude Award winner on Saturday, November 10th in Warsaw. Lehman received a standing ovation.

Street Kids Softball player Terry Patesel was named the NSA "B" Player of the Year and former SKS player Carl Underwood was inducted into the Indiana NSA Hall of Fame on November 10th. See both speeches here.

Former Street Kids Softball player Steve Schroeder was inducted into the 2012 class of the NSA Northern Indiana Hall of Fame on Saturday, November 10th, 2012. He was inducted by former teammate and friend Tim Austin of SKS.

Filmed during winter practices in 2009, featured are current and former SKS players talking about what SK Care means to them. Featured players are: JR Shapiro, Nick Bishop, Tony Hardiman, Joe Hovath, Scott Martin, Mark Hershberger, Teddy Panagakos, Dan Garey, TJ Jorgensen, Jay Jeffery and Kalei Enterline.

Street Kids Care won the Make a Difference Michiana Trivia contest for the second straight year, and donated $651 as a team. Overall, Make a Difference raised over $2,000 for for local charities.

The 4th Annual Street Kids Memorial Bowl was held on January 14th in Mishawaka.

This was shot with the help of Josh Taylor in 2009, a video showing why I do the things I do with SKS and Street Kids Care.

Members of SKS took part in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in 2010 for the fifth straight year.

In 2010, Street Kids Softball took part in the Turkey Day Stampede, as part of our outreach program (Street Kids Care) and Faith Mission of Elkhart.

BBBS of St Joe County (Indiana) teamed with Street Kids Softball of South Bend, Indiana for a special "Start" video. Produced by TJ Jorgensen of SKS.

WSBT-TV did a great story on the Shane Varga movie that airs live at 6pm on 6-18-11 on, and was also shown live at Epic Church in Mishawaka. See more at

On June 18th, 2011, TJ Jorgensen will release his much anticipated documentary "The Shane Varga Story". This is the official trailer for the hour long movie. Visit for more.

This is the web version of the 2011 documentary "The Shane Varga Story" by TJ Jorgensen. Visit for more.

Friends and family talk about the 2011 Berto Memorial for the fallen softball player, Alberto Naranjo.

Members of Street Kids Care took part in a trivia event for Make a Difference Michiana and surprised everyone by winning the event, while donating over $500!

The 2011 Street Kids Softball Memorial Bowl was another great event on January 22, 2011 in Mishawaka, Indiana. To learn more about Street Kids and the exciting things they do both on and off the field, visit

2010 Rusty Bumgardner for Street Kids Care

2011 Memorial Bowl Highlight

2009 Production: "SKS: Who We Are" video

2010 Memorial Bowl Highlight

Christian James of Helping Hits teamed up with Street Kids Care to hit 2,555 balls in just five hours for cancer awareness.

Shane Varga of SK Care sat down with Christian James and talked about overcoming adversity.

One year later: Players talk about that tragic day when softball player Alberto Naranjo lost his life.

One Year Later:  In an emotional time at Rose Park one year after losing her son tragically during a softball game, Berto's mother Nileida reads a letter to her son.

One Year Later Part 2:  Rose North in Mishawaka, Indiana is renamed "Berto's Field" in honor of the fallen ball player Alberto Naranjo.

Brett Helmer of Easton Sports, one of the sponsors of Street Kids Softball and one of the most recognized names in the history of the sport, gave a special message to Shane Varga of SKS as he battled through cancer.

Members of the Long Haul Bombers gave a special message to Shane Varga of SKS as he battled through cancer. This video was taken when the Bombers invited TJ of SKS to come onto the field during one of their home run displays in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As part of our outreach program, Street Kids Care, several players from both SKS took time out of their Thanksgiving morning to volunteer with the Faith Mission's first annual Turkey Day Stampede.

May 23rd, 2010 was declared "Carter Rudd Day" by Street Kids Care, as members of the organization visited the five year old boy from New Carlisle and presented him with a brand new Nintendo Wii and 15 games! Rudd is battling neuroblastoma cancer.

Continuing the 2009 Christmas Toy Giveaway through Street Kids Care, we visited Madison Center for Children in South Bend. We donated around 25 miniature NASCAR replica's to Madison to give away to children and families in the South Bend area.

Shane Varga of SKS headed up one of our latest Street Kids Care events, where we donated about a hundred items to youth baseball players throughout the world, including Mexico City and the D.R. The stuff was shipped to an organization called "Pitch In for Baseball"

In November of 2009, the legendary Jeff Hall of Worth Sports was the guest speaker at the awards banquet in Michigan City. Jeff stuck around for the weekend, took some batting practice and spent some time with players during a Street Kids Care event at Memorial Hospital. Jeff Hall has a great heart, and he saw a different side of softball this weekend in South Bend, and was kind of enough to give his endorsement in this special video.

On October 23rd, 2010, the American Cancer Society held their annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in South Bend. For the fifth straight year, the SKS team took part in this walk and this video is the highlight from that day.

The Street Kids Softball team held the first annual SKS Memorial Bowl in January of 2009 at Strikes and Spares in Mishawaka. Families from Memorial Hospital joined SKS players for bowling and mini golf and later enjoyed a fun lunch, compliments of Hacienda Restaurant.

For the second straight season in 2009, the Street Kids Softball team hosted families from Memorial Childrens Hospital in South Bend at the Belleville Complex.

This video is the WNDU-TV news story of the first ever Street Kids Memorial Bowl.

In February of 2009, Street Kids Care volunteered at the Faith Mission of Elkhart, to help feed several families of the county that were homeless.

The Boys and Girls Club of St. Joe County benefited from the Street Kids Softball team visiting them on a cold day in December of 2008. The SKS team played whiffle ball, basketball, dodge ball and handed out some Christmas gifts to over 30 young people of South Bend.

TJ Jorgensen was asked to go on WNDU television to talk about Street Kids Care in November of 2008. This is the news story from that day.

Dillion Weldy was diagnosed with cancer when he was eight years old. But his courage and determination allowed him to battle through and defeat this terrible disease. Because of his efforts, and his way of bringing happiness to so many with his amazing smile, SKS awarded Dillion the first ever "Dillion Weldy Courage Award" on March 2nd, 2009.

This event was the first ever between Street Kids Care and the families of Memorial Children's Hospital, taking place at the Belleville Complex in South Bend. The SKS team offered kids that are battling cancer a day to come on the field and hit, throw and catch with the team, then they put on a show, winning the opening league game of 2008.

Lanny Fisher and TJ Jorgensen made an appearance on the Fox-TV morning show in December of 2008 to promote Street Kids Care and our upcoming event with the Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County.

Prior to walking in the breast cancer awareness walk in South Bend and playing (and winning) the 2008 Fall City Championship, Joe Horvath and TJ Jorgensen went on WNDU-TV to talk about the events and what it means to Street Kids Care. Original air date was October 18th, 2008.

WSBT-TV covered the Street Kids Care event when they visited the Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County in December of 2008. This is the original news story.

Helping to promote the Corvilla Snowball Tourney for charity, TJ and SKS players took some batting practice in the snow and talked about the event. Original air date January 2007.

As part of the birth of Street Kids Care, TJ Jorgensen debuted on WNDU-TV to talk about the fund raiser for Sarah Clay in early 2006. The quality of the video is not great, but good enough to watch.

At the dawn of Street Kids Care, TJ Jorgensen made his debut on WSBT-TV in early 2006 to promote a fund raiser for Sarah Clay. The quality of the video is not great, but good enough to watch.