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Street Kids Care: Changing lives since 2006.

2014 Season of Giving fed over 600 families!

by TJ Jorgensen

12/22/14- Just three short years ago, the Street Kids Softball family - through their outreach program Street Kids Care - began a new chapter of community support. We named it "The Season of Giving" and started out by helping a struggling Mishawaka family with a shopping spree of over $600 for their Christmas. In 2012, we found another family struggling at the holidays and we went out and bought them hundreds of dollars worth of items. In 2013, with the strong support of Jeremy LeVan and his team at Epic Church, we took the Season of Giving to a whole new level. Along with the help of IRBN Foods, SKS and Epic Church raised enough money to give away 500 boxes of food to needy families in Miami Village of South Bend. The retail cost of the food we gave away that day was over $10,000.

Here we are in the fourth annual Season of Giving, which took place on December 21st. Pastor Jeremy from Epic Church called me and said "what do we have to do to make this bigger than last year?" I simply told him we need the support to be able to afford it. Jeremy and his congregation looked to God to provide a way, and provide He did.

Thanks to those at Epic Church, along with my company TJ21 Media Group and of course the backbone of this whole program IRBN Foods, we are proud to say that we handed out over 600 boxes of food! With an average retail cost in every box of over $30, we gave away a retail value of over $18,000 on December 21st!

From the very first day I started Street Kids Care in 2006, I said our goal was not to change one person, but inspire others to make a difference as well. If one person sees the kindness that the players of Street Kids Softball can do, and it motivates them to do something, then we accomplished something great.

TJ Jorgensen
Founder, Street Kids Care