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Fowler Heads Up Toy Giveaway at Madison Center

South Bend, IN - 12/18/09

Alyssa Fowler of Madison Center works with children everyday that have it tought at times. So at the holiday season, she knows it can be even tougher. Alyssa is also a member of Street Kids Care, as her husband Jason Fowler, has been a part of Street Kids Softball for the past four years.

"I knew that we were working on a project right now to help give some toys away at Christmas time so I wanted to see what we can do to help the kids and families I work with everyday," Fowler said.

TJ Jorgensen of SK Care paid a visit to Madison Center on Friday and brought 20 NASCAR replica's for Madison Center to distribute to the families affiliated with the center.

"Our goal with these toys to give them to kids who might not be able to have a Christmas," said Christian Milovich of Madison Center. "We couldn't do that if it weren't for people like Street Kids who make donations. We really appreciate it."

Madison Center for Children offers a full range of behavioral health services for children and adolescents, from individual and group outpatient therapy to day treatment and after-school programming, as well as inpatient and residential care.

Referrals to all child and adolescent programs can be made by physicians, family and friends, employers, school counselors and other caring individuals.

Continuing the 2009 Christmas Toy Giveaway through Street Kids Care, we visited Madison Center for Children in South Bend. We donated around 20 miniature NASCAR replica's to Madison to give away to children and families in the South Bend area.